January 15 by 15

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Cut, Assemble, Repeat.  Cut, Assemble, Repeat…


First step in Resurrection Story Sculpture

Whether I am working with steel or fabric I have one process – I cut up the material into smaller pieces and then I put those pieces together. Cut, Assemble, Repeat. Cut, Assemble, Repeat..   I am back in the welding studio for the next four weeks, Hallelujah!   No pressure, but I’d better get done everything I want to.  Week 1 was the start of a sample and or practice piece a commission.  This is going to be a resurrection story – a figure rising up, being pulled up out of a pile. It is to be a lumpy junky, rough piece and I am very much challenged to work completely in three dimensions. From this camera angle my figure just looks like she/he is falling over at this stage. Oops. Lots of changes needed…

“Iris and Marigold, Daytime” watercolor sketch

First layer of quilting for “Iris and Marigold, Daytime”

In the sewing workroom I have two quilts going in the Conversation series.  “Iris and Marigold, Daytime” is what is represented in the top two pictures – one is the watercolor sketch and the other is the quilt in the process of the first layer of machine quilting.  The bottom three pictures are the sketch and then the preliminary full-sized drawing and the initial piecing for “Iris and Marigold, Night Time” or “Slumber Party”.

These two will hang together and I see them as talking to each other as companion works, not just that their subject matter is conversation.

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