design genesis

In one three-hour workshop we will go through a number of exercises to experience and learn a working process for developing an idea you already have. This process is a way to help you carry forward a word, a sketch, or a bare notion into making a piece of art

In two three-hour workshops I teach how to go from standing still, with no clue what to make, to naming the ideas you did not know you had, and then moving forward developing your ideas. This is not magic but walking through the process with a group is inspirational magic.

Teaching fee is $150 for three hours and $300 for six hours.

3-d bible study

How can making sculpture help me dig into scripture and how can scripture help me make sculpture? Working three-dimensionally allows you the experience of curiosity, listening, putting ideas/things together, looking from more than one or two perspectives, pausing, reflecting, doubting, asking questions, and continuing. This process mirrors the spiritual journey.

Each participant will be encouraged to work on 2 to 3 sculptures, as well as group projects. Using the bible as a spiritual base, we will learn about physical bases and structures and work with a variety of “not precious” materials. Participants are encouraged to bring in materials which we will discuss in class.

Anyone 12 years old or older could participate but Jr. High students would need an adult to work with them because of the tools we will use.

This is a commitment of 2 hours for four to six meetings.

Teaching fee is based on the number of meetings. Class size is limited to 16. There is a materials fee of $8.00 per person.

group spiritual direction

Group Spiritual Direction is…

  • Designed to help people appreciate and share their sacred stories
  • A way to discover how God continues to be active in your daily life. 
  • About deep listening for, observing, and appreciating the sacred within the everyday
  • About transformational dialogue with God
  • A safe place to be authentic without fear of judgement or condemnation
  • Different from counseling or therapy where there are specific goals
  • A commitment of 1 ½ hours each for five to eight meetings
  • A group size of eight or less

Teaching fee is based on the number of meetings. There are no books or supplies required; just a willingness to listen.

I recommend the following links for information about spiritual direction and group spiritual direction specifically.

art infusion / curating worship

  • I will develop a visual art experience with your church. This might be the worship team, clergy, Christian education or parish life leaders.
  • I will listen to help you create a visual art activity. It can be a single event or an activity that stretches over time.
  • Together we will design and execute a visual art activity that involves participants in meaningful and authentic ways that fit your particular community and are led by the Holy Spirit.
  • I can help you create something that fits within the worship service itself or be a parish experience outside of the usual worship time such as other important parish events - annual gatherings, work days, outreach events, or celebrations…
  • I can act as mentor and behind-the-scenes design help or I can participate visibly in the art infusion.
  • Fee is negotiated according to the request. An initial 1-hour consulting fee is $60.00.