• Welded steel base erupts into delicate looking fabric wings.
    White Wings #1
  • Power Strip Cross
  • What Do You Say? Branch
  • The Iowa flood of 2008 inspired this portrait of resiliance using mixed materials of fiber, wire and plastic mesh with hand and machine stitching.
    Flood Stage
  • Miniature Sculpture 21678
  • Dinosaur Campfire Postcard
  • Iris and Marigold in Rocky Soil
  • Sketchbook Postcards, Variety Pack
  • Fabric that is collaged and machine stitched to protray a cornstalk transformed into a flying angel with wings.
    Corn Angel and the Moon
  • Miniature Sculpture 21651
  • Cut steel welded together to show both humor in the floppy leaves and strength in the rigid material and sharp cut metal edges.
    "Cornstalk 2"
  • Rough materials in a contrasting visually elegant representation of a cornstalk fragment.
    Unknown Origin

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