spiritual direction

I worship as an Episcopalian but believe that the Spirit reaches out to each person differently. As an artist and spiritual director, I offer to help you creatively mine your words and images to live more spiritually aware. I will use my training as an observer and listener to be a companion wherever your journey leads. I received my Spiritual Direction training through the Prairiefire Practicum Program based in Des Moines, IA, with training at the Sophia Center in Atchison, KS.

what is spiritual direction?

When an individual is seeking spiritually to be more conscious of the Mystery, that can be referred to as God, a spiritual director can be a helpful companion while you ask, notice, wonder, think and feel where you are being led spiritually. In spiritual direction you will reflect on your own daily life. You are not so much directed or told what to think or do as much as you will be companioned and encouraged. The focus is on noticing and recognizing GOD’s presence in your life and how you are being led to grow spiritually.

what does individual spiritual drection look like?

  • Meeting one on one on a regular basis -- once a month is a common formula
  • Direction can be open ended or for specific lengths of time -- for example to help through a period of discernment, or during the process of making a decision or at a turning point in life.
  • There is a fee for direction sessions but there is no fee for an introductory meeting of 30 minutes. After three or so sessions we will evaluate.
  • Whatever is shared during meetings is held in confidence.

Read the following article titled “Spiritual Direction 101” from Spiritual Directors International for first-step questions and answers about spiritual direction.  http://www.sdiworld.org/find-spiritual-director/spiritual-direction-101

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