February 15 by 15

Abigail Livingood Art in Process

Out with Miniatures and in with Winter Whites and Self Portraits

I came so very close to meeting my goal of 100 miniature sculptures to start 2016. I hit 95 before I came to a pause point.  Well they will be on the website until March 4 and then I will remove them for a while.

I will add to the website and a small quilt series of Whites which are, you guessed it, about snow since here in Iowa we are still very much about snow this winter.

The next series in process are self-portraits. They feel like a good transition because they are in a variety of materials.  While I work on – play with them I will be learning some things about a couple of printmaking processes.  I am wondering if and how printmaking can be incorporated into what I do. This is now a time of research and technical discovery.

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