September 15 by 15

Abigail Livingood News

What’s the question that needs to be asked?

So here is a card that sits on my desk. I love the thought – the question to answer every day.  What will I say to the monkey with the go-kart?  How much novelty, whimsy, discomfort, “really?!”, or adventure will I let loose in my life TODAY?  I hope you agree to this moment of wonder, so you can be on your own go-kart today. Congratulations to us both.

Shifting gears, when I sat at my desk to write in my journal this morning, I noticed the walnut trees had showered the lawn with their first leaf release. Fall is coming to my home in particular – not just the random and peculiar tree along the side of the road dropping yellow leaves due to the patience of drought.  A lot of the summer months I spent teaching basic science to kids at day camp so my bank account is happier now. I really enjoy teaching whatever the age, but it was, creatively, not the same as studio time. My creative intentions were spent in storing up mental images, sketching, and six evenings with a writing group. That means I do not have a work in progress picture to show you as a proud share. BUT…


Look for this photo of “Four Spring Bulbs” in the current issue of DSM Magazine!! My sculpture is pictured because I will be one of the workshop teachers for Via Affirmativa an event happening October 13-14 at the Botanical Center of Des Moines. This two-day event is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to participate in a whole variety of visual and performing arts through doing, listening and looking.  Here is the link to Via Affirmativa so you can get information about it and to register.

During July and August I did work with costume designer Mell Ziegenfuss to create the fabulous 1920’s costumes for the production of “Souvenir”. The show concludes September 17th at Noce in Des Moines so time is short! Go to  to get your tickets and read about the show itself.

And remember, visit Five Monkeys Artist Collective  and Cafe Hope  to see my work in person. No photo, however great, is as good as your own eye!


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