October 15 by 15

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What is happing right now!

Opening in October is the Central Iowa Textile Artists (CITA) Group Show at The Ankeny Art Center. The Artist Reception is Thursday, October 3 from 5-7 PM.  The show will be on view through November 27th.  The gallery is open M-F 9am-1pm, Th 4pm-7pm, and Sat 9am-12 noon. Here is the gallery link for more information and directions. http://www.ankenyartcenter.com/exhibits.html.

Choosing another month for the Garage Sale.

I will be scheduling my Annual Art Garage Sale in April of 2020.  It has been it in October or early November for the last four years but that is not possible this year so I am just setting it for another month not too far away. If you would like to arrange a private or small group shopping time call or e-mail to arrange it.  I will be more than happy to make that happen.

What is going on in the studio? 

For one thing, there has been lots of mulling time. That is not obviously productive to you but the quiet, inner, not doing much time is necessary.  The other thing is relaxing into this feeling of quiet, inner “growing”.  “Growing” is my way of describing the time between starting and end points. Adopting this word finally gives me a way to speak about it and leave judgement out of my tone.  “Growing” is spirit-filled and uncertain.  I have been moving a new Kelp-Sargasso Sea theme along and the Shrapnel and Wall series’ along as well. No pictures to show today of them. But I do have two other pictures from slices of my life here lately.

The bruised hand was from lifting and hauling wood out from a damaged Hawthorn tree in our back yard. The poor tree was hit by a micro-burst of wind in a storm and half of it came a-tumbling-down.  I was so shocked to see the discoloration when I came in the house to clean up.  The bruise purpled and disappeared in two days and there never was any soreness all of which qualifies as a miracle in my book.

The crowd scene is from attending the Democratic Steak Fry a few weekends ago.  12,000 of my closest friends gathered with me to hear from all the potential Presidential candidates.  I am doing my best to meet the candidates when they come to town so I can figure out what I want to do come Caucus day in February.  I am also figuring out if I will work with any presidential campaign or in one of the Iowa races.  This year I notice civil conversations about politics and religion that are full of wondering and questions.  That leads me to hope – another miracle sighting!

Blessings to you, readers and friends.

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