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Meeting the stranger.

This cartoon launched my musing this month.
I and millions of others identify as introverted. Telling myself it is hard to meet people is not helpful talking.  I also think the term “comfort zone” is not helpful for me.  It is like there is this cave of soft squishy non-resistance existence which is desirable. But I find the burrow of “comfort zone”, with people and circumstances, actually boring.  So… if that is true…then I would actually… rather go TO where the color and texture are in everyday life. So I am willing to try on the mind of liking to meet people and to do the things I procrastinate or resist doing.  Again and again I find real and noticeable energy coursing through me then. WOW! how wonderful. This is something I learn almost every month in writing  this e-mail.  I procrastinate and don’t want to reach out but then I do and there is this lightness and energy and smile that I know. Sigh.

15 words on May

May is infinite greens
Chill today and sun tomorrow
Snowfall of blossoms
Dirty hands smile

 Studio news:

In March I finished my big sculpture “Make Art Not Walls”.  Next I will get it plus two quilts professionally photographed and then submit item for exhibition. What’s next?
Some studies mostly in Walls, Iris and Marigold. I show up in my sketchbook and journal every day just like I do something physically active every day even though there is no brilliance or excitement there.
Weeding and cooking are good meditations.  They are comforting in both their physicality and their immediacy in results.

Coming up:

I will have my sculpture “Three Green Wings” on exhibit in the Fiber Artists of Iowa show in the Faulconer Gallery at Grinnell College in Grinnell Iowa.  The show is from June 15 to July 20 and the gallery is open Monday through Saturday from 11 to 5. Here is the gallery link
Also, I am one of featured artists in the All Iowa Shop Hop Magazine, edited by Kevin Carpenter, that is coming out in June. This year the focus is on art quilters. So check the shops for your copy of this full-on-glossy-hold-in-your-hand publication!


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