May 15 by 15

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Monday, May 14, I will be highlighted on a wonderful project created and sustained by the University of Iowa called “the Daily Palette”. Here is the link for their website

Now that is not what Kvetching refers to for sure – no, recently I was talking with a friend and I found myself yacking on about my frustration with something I have to deal with all the time.  Since that conversation I have wondered about the helpfulness of giving air to this rant. I didn’t feel relief and I did feel like I let the frustration take me over. And I actually don’t like that result.  Hm…

What was kind and hopeful was when my friend asked me if I could ask for an answer to my question instead of leaving it frustratingly unanswered.  I am sure this is all vague in its non-specificity: I am sorry about that. What transformed my thinking was simply asking a question/asking for help.  Drat it all, that means my mind cannot be read and I will be healthier asking my questions.  So… as for Kvetching in the future? –NOT. I say ASK!

On the news front I continue to fill out applications to shows and figure out grant and residency forms.  Yahoo(!) that I am sticking with the process and allowing my ignorance to guide me.  It’s all I got since I don’t have broad experience to draw on.

What do the next two weeks look like?  More sketching and listening to music plus books on tape in the immediate future followed by “mistake-riddled” samples followed by completed work as soon as possible. Completed work is always as-soon-as-possible!

Now to the picture of the mug.  “Talk Derby to Me”  is my favorite mug in April and May because I enjoy the hype as well as the Kentucky Derby itself!  There are other sports and events I enjoy but this one satisfies a frivolous itch in me like no other. CHEERS! Now, let me know if you want an invite to next year’s party so you can scratch your own frivolous itch!

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