March 15 by 15

Abigail Livingood Art in Process

Back to the drawing board.

I was all excited to complete a few more flying cornstalks and get them outdoors to test the bases that go in the ground. Then… Iowa gets a day with high winds of 30+mph and this is what happened – flattened cornstalks. The top weight with the wings was enough that the wind bent my cornstalks. Good news is that the bases worked – the bad news is that the vertical strength was insufficient when I added wings. Back in the studio I applied heat and gentle bending to get them back to straight. Next I welding some perpendicular pieces to give them strength so they won’t bend when the wind is fierce. Now they are repaired and back out in my test field – starting to rust nicely.

There is little to describe in the studio that is new. This is the long middle for several projects. It is a time of endless process and small decisions. This is the huge open prairie where persistence shines – heavily supported by audio books.

There are going to be different display branches posted on the website this week – three sold so I will display the next group “hot off the press”. Also I will remind you there are some pretty sweet postcards you can buy. Use them to write encouraging, annoying, sweet, curious, humorous, and/or profound messages to your friends and loved ones!  As always, everything you purchase gains you something you appreciate and it goes to fund the next great art from Cornstalk Studio!

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