July 15 by 15

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Current Jelly – that’s the picture I am sharing with you.  I was gifted 20 pounds of currants and I made 12 jars of jelly.  Every inch of my counter was covered with something while I moved around with my largest pots to process the fruit and the jars.  I made several mistakes this year and had big messes to clean up. But what I am showing you is a photograph of the pink-to-red I see through the finished jars.  Simply beautiful.  Sigh…With more jars than any other year that means I am on a “Currant Diet” needing to eat currant jelly every day or I will never get through all this sweetness this year.  You can help though; if you would like a jar, or another jar of this ruby wonder let me know!!!




Studio news:
The exhibit “Fiber Artists of Iowa” is up until the 20th of July.  So still time to see it – Faulconer Gallery at Grinnell College in Grinnell Iowa.  Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday 11 to 5. Here is the gallery link https://www.grinnell.edu/academics/faulconer-gallery.

I just got several completed works photographed. Here is the link to a time lapse of me and two helpers moving “Make Art Not Walls” back into the garage after the photo session.  youtu.be/YYiRxEOD3hY

Now I am finishing two more self-portraits in different materials to finish my plan for a group of seven.

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