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January 2021

Today is just the same as yesterday, only different.

Like you, I have a series of habits and routines that evaporated. I have lived into some different patterns over the last year. I am much more computer fluent and tolerant. I am grateful for all the time I am not driving or riding in a car. I miss shopping for fun. I am happy there is curbside pick-up. I love my weekly sibling Zoom call.

You get the idea. This has been a stretch of time that has forced changes on me and on you and the result is varied. What has also changed for me is by design and that is having started graduate school on-line last June. I am pleasantly surprised how good this experience has been. As a cohort at Luther Seminary in St. Paul we were supposed to have short times physically together to kick-start each term which have gone by the wayside but otherwise the courses have gone like clockwork.

I am producing much less artwork for sure because my focus is this academic track. In the studio I have been cobbling together pieces, at first, to keep my hands and mind busy and to use up a pile of scraps I did not want to put away or throw away. But they have turned into an actual series of patching assemblages. Nourishing the theme is my participation in a Collective Mending group initiated by Catherine Rinehart. Here is her link if you want more information to satisfy your curiosity on that.










Here are a few pictures of the two-sided fabric collages I used as “wrapping paper” for Christmas gifts this past year.








Other patching projects in the works are mending and embroidering on some disintegrating family quilts and socks and slippers. The time available to “art” each day is short so these smaller bits fit nicely into my bleary-eyed evening minutes.

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