May 15 by 15

Abigail Livingood Meanderings, News

Meeting the stranger. This cartoon launched my musing this month. I and millions of others identify as introverted. Telling myself it is hard to meet people is not helpful talking.  I also think the term “comfort zone” is not helpful for me.  It is like there is this cave of soft squishy non-resistance existence which is desirable. But I find …

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Face Book Experiment

Abigail Livingood Inspiration, Meanderings

I was inspired by something I read in the paper today. In Monday’s Wall Street Journal (April 29) there was  an article by Barbara Haislip about start-up entrepreneurs taking an Inprov Comedy Class for a business boost. So I looked at the same lessons and wondered how they do and how they could apply to me in my art-making. I …

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