March 15 by 15

Abigail Livingood Art in Process

Back to the drawing board. I was all excited to complete a few more flying cornstalks and get them outdoors to test the bases that go in the ground. Then… Iowa gets a day with high winds of 30+mph and this is what happened – flattened cornstalks. The top weight with the wings was enough that the wind bent my …

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February 15 by 15

Abigail Livingood Art in Process, Uncategorized

Winter means snow here in Iowa usually bit it can also mean it is time for FLYING CORNSTALKS! Out in the test field waiting for whatever Mother Nature can dish out is my Welded Flying Cornstalk. Lonely now – but soon to have friends in the field. Where do you think would be fun to display 30-50 of them? Comment …

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