April 15 by 15

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Computer work, in general, is not heartwarming and a source of pleasure for me.  There is not enough physicality to keying my words and because I am not a great typist I have to hit more keys than many others which adds to the not-fun factor.  With that intro, I am here to tell you I have accomplished two weeks of focused work on the computer to rewrite and make changes to my website.  There were so many invisible things that went into that process and all of them were tasks that I have put off for quite a while.  Finally, I told myself that I would work through the stack of paper notes and ideas and deal with each and every one.  The only way out was to throw it away as not useful now.  I was not going to leave anything in the ideas-for-later file.  Whew! So now I can invite you to look at the website to spot the changes!
What lies ahead?

I will continue to work on the “Iris and Marigold” quilt series.  The first two finished works are on the website. The next two are in the quilting stage and will get attention in between and around the time I spend on my 3-D pieces. (Drum-roll here) I will be using the Area 515 Maker Space to get access to welding and woodworking equipment for my next ambitious sculpture series. I will describe it in more detail next month as I line up my collaborators.

“I’m in!” My key to get into Area 515 to work on my next sculpture series.

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