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Frankenstein for Christmas?


Taking a risk – give a gift.  I almost called this blog the Art of receiving a gift but it is more truly the gift of receiving a gift.

After Thanksgiving I turned my focus to two clothing tasks for a friend heading south as in WAY south and Christmas Gifts.  I have this great button I wear while I work and I am having such pleasure making these things.  What is making the gifts richer for me is thinking about the recipient and praying for them while I work.  Yeah, I never know how my handmade things will be received but I am willing to try to make something that will please them.


What are some of the strangest gifts I have received? While a Frankenstein Styrofoam Dartboard tops the list what I also remember is the eye contact from the giver that was full of question and nervous expectancy awaiting my reaction.  Giving a gift is different from buying and wrapping what is on someone’s shopping list.  Giving a gift is taking a risk and saying, “I love you.” And hoping you hear,” I love you too!” somehow in the actions or words of their response.


When I create my artwork it is, for me, a variation of this Christmas gift-giving.  Many of you readers I don’t know or don’t know well but I am not creating in isolation.  I am creating and wondering and hoping one of you will smile, or nod, or sigh, or breathe faster, or wonder when you see my work.  I risk showing you and am nothing if not full of hope, hope, hope there can be a connection.

Whether you buy a piece from me or not never underestimate the gift to me of receiving something from my art and telling be about that connection.  It is solar power to me – full of light and warmth, and renewable.  And I love you for it. Thank you.

Peace.  Merry Christmas!

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