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Persistence and Patience

57.5"w X 29"h

Spring Thaw #6, 57.5″w X 29″h

39.5"w X 31.5"h

Spring Thaw #4, 39.5″w X 31.5″h

26.5"w X 32"h

Spring Thaw #1, 26.5″w X 32″h


One thing is done, one thing is mid-process, and one thing is happening in less than two weeks.

Done: The metal branch sculpture shown at the bottom – the final in-place welding done!

Mid-way: The top three images are quilts from my Spring Thaw Series that I am considering entering in Quilt National.  Now that I have the kind of photos I want (thanks to Sue Voegtlin!) I can finish the entry forms.

Two weeks out:  I will be in a workshop on color and design with Nancy Crow in Muskegon, MI.

The steel branch sculpture taught me so much about working  in large scale and about the installation process AND patience.  Yes, persistence and patience, big time lessons. Now I can move forward with my other metal work with more confidence.

It takes so much persistence to work through all the hoops involved with each entry process. I felt like no progress was happening while I had several pieces waiting to be photographed.

And I have wanted to take a Crow class for more than 10 years.  Finally the stars aligned and I will get to see what is there for me to learn.  I am setting aside any art plans until September so I can reflect on new directions that will inspire me.

Cut and welded steel sculpture about 20'w by 20'h.

Cut and welded steel sculpture about 20’w by 20’h.



The final in-place welding is done on this 20′ x 20′ branch sculpture titled “One Branch of the Family”.  It is located in the Prayer Garden at Lutheran Church of Hope, West Des Moines, IA. The Prayer Garden is between the Chapel and The Bridge and you can stop by to see it any time the church is open which is Monday through Friday 8 am to 9 pm.

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