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Lots of Work Behind the Scenes

When I started to prepare for a new website I went through every photo file I had and organized them into folders with names and dates so that I could separate my studio relevant photos from my personal and family photos.  That took several weeks of persistent work.  Whew!  More than a year later I feel like I am in Kindergarten as I start the process of learning Lightroom and Photoshop programs so I can work with and move my photos without frustration. This is no small time commitment and it is so humbling to be so unknowing.

It will be some time before you might notice a difference in the photos I post. But I, already , am patting myself on the back for “going to school” to learn this new stuff, get better at  working on the computer in general and  not shutting down – continuing to live in the land of photo frustration.


What I am doing now that IS visible:

I continue with the Iris and Marigold pair of quilts.  I have a night time watercolor sketch I think will be a worthy companion to the day time piece.

I am working on a Dinosaur quilt that will be for parents to snuggle under WITH their new baby that will be born in May. This is a very different Baby Quilt request project!

I am starting a grant request and entering 3 competitions.

I am preparing for a June show of my work in the Warren Cultural Center in Greenfield Iowa.

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