• welded cut steel and steel rod make this strong and humorous cornstalk.
    Curly Cornstalk
  • Welded steel base erupts into a delicate looking fabric wing.
    Single White Wing
  • Welded steel base erupts into coloful delicate looking fabric wings.
    Gilded Wings
  • Welded steel base erupts into delicate looking fabric wings.
    White Wings #1
  • This is a wall mounted steel sculpture of multiple branch pieces.
  • I Hear You Branch
  • Miniature Sculpture 21654
  • Scuba Diver Postcard
  • Dinosaur Campfire Postcard
  • Rough materials in a contrasting visually elegant representation of a cornstalk fragment.
    Unknown Origin
  • Miniature Sculpture 21680
  • Cornstalk in the Rain Postcard

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